Birthday Coupons For Everyone!

Hi everyone, yup that’s you!

My birthday came and went recently and I wanted to tell you about all the free stuff I must have signed up for over the last few years that gave me “gifts” on my birthday, so you can sign up too!

STUFF – These are things I got straight up for free!

  • Large Popcorn at AMC theater. My birthday happened to be on a Saturday and we saw a movie. I checked on our way over and for your birthday they send you a message that gives you a free large popcorn! It was so worth it and saved us like $12 (even though I probably would have gotten a small otherwise)
  • Any Drink at Starbucks. This one popped up on my Starbucks app a couple days before my birthday and worked similar to a regular Starbucks reward. It might also work for food but I used mine for a large drink as a special treat (and everyone said happy birthday to me!)
  • 1-Day Rental from Redbox. They sent an email right around my birthday with a code for a free day rental! It was only valid for 2 weeks though so we used it right away (to rent Storks, an adorable baby-filled animated movie that made me embarrassingly emotional)

COUPONS – Lots of these came in and I’ve only used a couple so far. Convenient though that we’re moving soon!

  • 15% Cost Plus World Market. Valid the whole month, we have a shopping trip planned this weekend to use it! Curious to see if it’ll work on items already on sale, fingers crossed!
  • $10 off $30 Hot Topic. Listen – they have a lot of great toys and I do tons of gift shopping there! Also valid the whole month, and works out to a solid 33% off if I keep the total costs low. Might use it to by adorable Stranger Things toys…
  • $3 off a Cake at Dairy Queen. Definitely won’t be using this one, but it’s a nice gesture from a company who I do NOT remember giving my email and birthday too, but oh well.
  • 20% off Fig Leaves. I probably won’t use this one either, but I do like this company. They’re a lingerie company based in the UK that has a lot of size options that many companies don’t offer! My bra size can be hard to find, so if I needed more bras I might actually use this one. 20% off bras is a LOT!
  • $10 off Victoria’s Secret. Don’t quote me on this, I can’t remember if there’s a minimum purchase with this coupon because it came in the mail. Seemed like a good deal though, if I needed anything from there!

A lot of other companies just sent me an email that said Happy Birthday without a coupon, which was crazy.

Hopefully some of these coupons sound useful to you! Let me know if there are any other good ones I missed (:


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