First Time Talking Family Planning with my OBGYN and…

She was great!

Honestly, I was really excited for this appointment (which had been rescheduled twice, mind you) thinking I would open up a treasure trove of secret tips and tricks I haven’t been able to find online.

But in reality, it was a 10 minute chat and couldn’t have made me happier. If anything it was underwhelming, and she was more positive than I was!

I asked about when to stop birth control, she said a month before trying unless I’d rather do earlier (we might do a couple months so I can see what my period is like without meds) but she said just to call and she can give me as much or as little BC pills as I need. (Love that.)

I asked about lifestyle and she said exercise is great to do but I am in good health, and she doesn’t doubt that it would be pretty straight forward for us to get pregnant! She asked if Guy was healthy and young too and I said yes. She said I can stop alcohol and caffeine when we really start trying (AND she said that coffee isn’t even that bad for baby?!!? This blew my mind and I will be asking her to reconfirm this like 20 times before we’re pregnant.)

Lastly she said I should start prenatal vitamins at least a month before trying, so that the folic acid I would need is in my system before conception.

All of this sounds good – and SUPER surprisingly simple! I asked her “is that it?” and she said “yup!” I could do more if I wanted, like exercise and such, but she doesn’t seem too worried or concerned that we would have any trouble. I got an exam (also crazy fast) and she said everything looks great.

BOOM! Grade-A baby-making parts!

Ugh this is just so nice to have off my chest. I think my insurance will change before we get pregnant, and now I’m kind of sad because I love my current doctors and nurses.

Before the appointment I spoke with a nurse and told her I’d be asking the doctor about family planning. After my appointment I had to check out with that nurse too, and as I was leaving she said “hopefully next time we see you, you’ll be pregnant!” It gave me butterflies! And it was helpful that the woman and her husband in the nurse’s station next to me had just confirmed their pregnancy.

Goosebumps, I tell ya, GOOSEBUMPS! (:


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