Eco-Friendly Living – Part 1: Presents!

As Guy and I make headway on this journey of adulthood, we’re trying to be our best versions of ourselves. That includes eating well, being positive, and keeping our community and our planet a happy healthy place for future little ones. Here are some things we’re doing to be eco-friendly!

The FIRST thing is thanks to a fellow blogger, Valerie at Living Lighter in Atlanta! She did an Eco-Pad give away and I was selected as a winner! I received in the mail a package containing a reusable cleaning pad from It’s a reusable pad for our Swiffer, and I cannot WAIT to use it. While I’m still trying to convince myself that maybe someday I’d be emotionally ready for cloth diapers, this is something I can totally use already.

Instead of buying Swiffer pads on Amazon, where they cost just under $1.00 a piece and are thrown away, I can now reuse this guy TONS of times. Here’s a link to the etsy shop where they originally come from and they go for $12. At the rate I clean the first floor of our apartment (which is all hard wood) and our bathrooms (which are linoleum) I go through about 6-9 reusable pads in a month. So in 2 months, especially now during the rainy season, I can go through $15 of disposables, OR just 1 reusable pad!


I’m super excited about this step in our eco-friendly apartment journey, and can’t wait to share the results of this new cleaning tool! Yes, I get excited about new cleaning tools. For friggin’ sure.

Thanks again to Valerie for doing this Giveaway! Follow her blog for more mom and family friendly posts (:


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