Friday Name Day #17

Hello hello hello! What’s your name? Here are some more names that I’ve added to my list recently as possibilities in the long list of names I might choose for my future babies. You might like them too!

This is one that’s pretty close to my heart. First off, it sounds friggin cute. It’s simple and straight forward, unique but easily to pronounce. H is a great letter, by the way, which I don’t use often enough. The meaning of the name is very simple, “son of Hudde” meaning someone names Hugh or Harrison, or a similar name (for which Hudde would have been a nickname). I also like that this is the name of a place – the Hudson River. I love being from the East Coast originally, although we’re a West Coast family now, and tying a kid back to the East Coast by their name might be nice! Also might make it so there’s less people with that name where we live, which is definitely ideal.

This is a brand new one that I came across on a baby name list. Right now I love flower names, but a lot of them are moving up in popularity recently and hopefully we avoid a name that’s super popular! This is an interesting take on having a name from nature, because it’s so different and unique. I’m not sure what the nickname would be, but 2 syllables isn’t too long!

Do you know anyone with these names? What do you think?


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