Things that will happen after we start TTC

To help myself get through the long waiting period before we start TTC, I like to relate my wait to the wait for other things in life. Here are some things that are further away than our projected TTC date.

Hamilton Playing in my City – June 2018 – This won’t be happening until mid/late 2018, and I have heard ALL about it from my friends who already have tickets. I assume that at this point their enthusiasm and readiness for the date to get here is somewhat close to mine for our date, but in the end they’ll have just seen the biggest play of the decade and hopefully I’ll be, you know, pregnant.

The Incredibles 2 will be in Theaters – June 2018- This is one I’m actually looking forward to also! I love The Incredibles and have been ready for this sequel since the announcement and poster were revealed a while back. Knowing that this kind of lines up with our trying period means I’m even MORE excited for it!

My Student Loans will be 50% Paid Off – Winter 2018 – This is still a projection, but according to the rate I’ve been paying them and based off my current financial plan, I should hit the big 50% mark late 2018! How amazing will that be? So amazing, let me tell you. So friggin amazing.

Star Wars Land will Open at Disney World – 2019 – Now this is one that’s a LONG WAY away. In theory, we could already have a little one by the time this theme park opens and you KNOW Guy is going to be excited about that. We already have some cool Star Wars stuff at Disneyland, which we are way closer to, but it is cool knowing that someday there will be an even bigger Star Wars area at Disney World. That will mean we have to go for a whole WEEK when we eventually vacation there as a family!

This practice is something that really helps me get through a long wait. Keeping things relative keeps me sane!


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