For the last month…

I have been working harder than I have ever worked in my life, and I am loving it.

I’m lucky that I enjoy my job, and over the last 5 weeks I’ve gained new responsibilities, new amazing coworkers, and exciting new opportunities that my company wouldn’t have even dreamed of a year ago.

And on top of all that – I got a raise! It’s a significant amount and it’s been a longtime coming. In December our company President told me her goal for my new year raise, and finally after 4 months of approval from the new investors and a reorganization of my entire team, it’s gone through!

Coincidentally, the increase is exactly how much I would want to have saved for a baby in about the YEAR that we have left. This makes me so confident that no matter what, we’ll be financially ready.

I’ll do another investment post shortly, don’t you worry! My savings account has been steadily fattening itself up and I smile every time I look at it.


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