One Year Left

The wait is slowly ticking down. As of this month, we are just 1 single year away from trying to have a baby. 1 year away from getting married, 1 year away from starting our very own family.

The last 8 months (or longer, since technically I’ve wanted this long before we set a specific date) have been amazing and hard. It’s been busy building my and Guy’s relationship, working for raises at work, planning our new apartment venture, taking care of our stinky cat, and a hundred other things.

I have so much more I want to do in the next year. In the last 4 weeks I’ve made a lot of progress in multiple goals! Here’s just a few…

  • Put a chunk of my tax return towards paying my student loans (and it was a hefty return)
  • Lose 5 pounds (but there’s a lot more to go)
  • Gotten back into running (and bought new shoes!)
  • Had my raise approved at work (finally!)
  • Bought my first item for little one (see my last post)
  • Met the rest of Guy’s family (there was just 5 left and FINALLY I got to meet them)
  • Possibly picked a wedding venue (we’re so close to committing to the space and I can’t wait!)
  • Started taking one-a-day vitamins and fish oils (when I remember)
  • Saved $3,600+ in our baby fund (technically this is since January…)

Some of my goals still feel a million miles away (weight loss in particular) but it’s all starting to happen for us.

Staying on track is tough, but it will be so worth it. Just one year left!


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