23andme: Part 2

Back in February, I purchased 23andme kits for Guy and myself for Valentine’s Day. We got our kits back recently, and here are my thoughts!

I’ll start by saying that the process to order the kits and mail them in was pretty straight forward. Well explained and we got a notification when they arrived at the facility which was nice. We opted for the kits that included “carrier status” on a number of genetic diseases, too.

The kits were from 23andme.com and cost $170 each (with a Valentines Day coupon)

Our favorite things:

  • The website is really intuitive! Reading through the reports they’re nice and organized and clearly labeled.
  • Ancestory was the coolest one obviously, with maps about where our ancestors came from and some super early relatives and people from the same “haplogroups” (I share lineage with Cheddar Man! The middle school social studies student in me loves that)
  • Details on how things are genetic were cool, stuff like whether you have curly/straight/wavy hair is based on the shape of your hair follicles and things like that
  • It does make me want to have my parents/siblings do it so I can see how our genetics match up and what things came from each of my parents!

Things We Didn’t Love

  • I knew this going in, but the way they get their info is based on comparing you to other users that submitted too and their info about themselves.
  • There were a few things that were hard to interpret like “more likely to not usually feel like doing” something. They’re all written as what “level of percentage likely you are to have/be blank.” A bunch of them were close to 50% which felt like oh, okay, so who knows?

Overall in the traits section, it was about 30/20/50 with 30% definitely right (freckles, sleep movement, eye & hair color), 20% definitely not right (FH has red hair and his report said he had a 1% chance of red hair which was weird!) and the other 50% were kind of in the middle, either I wasn’t sure if I was a yes or no on somethings (IS my ring finger longer than my pointer finger? Who knows!).

It was a VERY cool thing to do, but I wish there was a little more. Or maybe a way to link 2 accounts and see what our kids might be like! We wanted to do them to think about our future, and the genetics we’ve got going on already. I would love if they added an engine that would let you make a “virtual kid” with odds based on our reports (:

PS We tested negative for all the genetic disease things (although I totally know that to get FULL results/info on that we would need to see a doctor, luckily we’re both generally healthy and are aware of our family histories)

Overall it was an interesting experience, although pretty pricey!


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