Apartment Hunting – Part 4

Remember MONTHS ago when I wrote that we finally got to see our dream apartment in our current complex? And how we just had to wait out the current tenants? Well that post was in January (4 months to the day ago, actually) and they still live there.

So much of me is anxiously awaiting this move, and parts of me are relieved that it hasn’t happened yet, which is getting kind of rough emotionally. The situation, to add more detail, is that the couple living there has decided to buy a house instead of move to a new apartment. So they’re waiting on constructions of their new house to be finished, which is estimated to be June or July… but I have too many parents who work in construction to think that it could REALLY be June or July. So we’re not planning anything specific about the move just yet.

On the plus side, we are paying WAY less rent now than we will be when we move there, and Guy is still working freelance gigs.

On the down side, I have been ready to move out since FOREVER. My roommates are great, but I want Guy and I to have time alone before kiddos come, and at this point, if we move in July (laughs) we’ll be alone until Feb 2018, if our baby plan stays on track. That’s 18 months, including the 9 months of pregnancy. I love cheap rent, but I prefer spending time alone with my Guy.

I hope to have another apartment update for you soon, but who knows! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I am absolutely so ready for a new place, a new bed, a new life living alone with my favorite person (before our next favorite person comes along.)



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