My $10 Week

In case you’ve missed it, Guy and I have been working tirelessly to save as much money as possible for future baby, as well as our future apartment. This weekend we prepared to spend only $10 cash each this entire week. Here’s how we prepared!

Things We WON’T Spend Money On:

Groceries: This weekend we went shopping for food that would hold us over for at least 10 days. We tend to go grocery shopping a little too frequently, and could be better at planning meals. We purchased (with coupons!) fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, wine, and cheese as well as a few small ingredients to hold us over. We’ve also gotten frozen chicken in the fridge and leftovers from Saturday.

Outings: For entertainment this week, we’ve agreed that we’re going to stay in! We’ve gotten into taking evening walks which are really nice, and going for a walk then coming home for dinner and some TV on the couch is our favorite way to spend a night. We cook together, we use our discount Hulu account to catch up on our favorite shows (check out my post about requesting lower rates on subscriptions services here!) and we just spend time together.

Personal Entertainment: Even when we’re not having a night together, we can be frugal about spending money. We don’t usually rent movies that aren’t through services we already pay for, and as far as other sources of entertainment, we rent! Guy recently borrowed a new video game from a friend instead of buying and yesterday I went on a kindle library kick, browsing tons of great books in my library’s ebook category.

Home: While we wait for our new apartment to be ready, we’ve been trying to keep our current apartment as comfortable as possible. To keep up with tidiness, last week I restocked our place with cleaning supplies – I went to Jet, where I like to bulk order house supplies, and they were running a free samples campaign! I purchased food & toiletries I actually needed, and added home cleaning free samples that we’ll be using this coming weekend when we do some spring cleaning.

What We WILL Be Spending Money On: We each have $10, here’s how we’ll spend it!

  • McDonald’s Coffee x2 = $4.50
  • Laundry x2 = $6
  • Saturday Morning Starbucks = $4 (plus 1 free drink because it’s Guy’s birthday this weekend!)
  • Birthday Card = $1 (from the 99 Cent store!)
  • TOTAL: $15.50

The biggest reason we can make these expenses work is planning. If we hadn’t planned our meal schedule and made plans for our evenings this week, we wouldn’t be able to make this work. It’s been hard trying to avoid going out to eat (we live near some amazing restaurants) but by committing to plans like this, our savings account can grow!

What are your best saving tips? How do you avoid impulse buying?!


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